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Wednesday, January 11, 2006


So anyway. The first post seems quite pretentious, reading it even just a few hours later. I'm convinced I'm not an entire snot, so let me write something more human.

It's nearly 3 am, and I'm in Garlaige Citadel (a dungeon in Final Fantasy XI). I'm barely conscious, but nuking bats and beetles suits my current mood.

My folks and sister were here for Christmas, and it was nice to feel like a family again. My dad left yesterday, and the house is so empty. I realize that as much as I'm brave and independent and all those things my friend Nancy says she sees in me... I don't feel that brave, and I don't like being alone too much.

Had some good news today. My friend David, who was ill, is much better. He's starting a new career and is in high spirits. He said he wants to go to the movies with me, so even though he's in LA and I'm in Philly, we should go see the same movie at the same time, and then call each other afterwards, so it's almost like going together. He is such a sweetie. Promised him I'd go visit him in LA in March.

Dying for the filming to start on the Vampire movie. Sort of like "Interview with a Vampire" mixed with "The Da Vinci Code". And yeah, I know it's such a girl thing, but I'm also itching to see the costume, LOL.

I think of you.
    The slow-ticking night
        Fills with fairy wings.


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