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Friday, August 18, 2006

Finland, Finland, Finland....

I made it here alive. I'm always surprised when I arrive somewhere, because I hate flying so much, and am petrified the whole time in the air that at any moment we're going down in burning flames. 'Cause let's face it - those suckers are not MEANT to stay up in the air. I don't believe in them. I always feel like I've been granted a new chance on life, when I survive a flight. Considering how much I've flown, my fear of flying is not logical. But hey, I've never advertized myself as a logical creature, now have I? I hope this admission does not preclude me from playing a Vulcan on the next Star Trek. I'll deny everything, yeah, that's what I'll do.

It's a beautiful sunny day, about 80°, and my mom's little dog, Ronja, is my shadow. We've been outside reading and just luxuriating. I'm trying to not pay attention to the fact that I'm aging as we speak - I was born 11:37 am, so technically I aged 30 minutes ago. I don't think birthdays would be half so hard, if we just ignored them. Or if we were closer to our goals, or fabulously rich, or had Scarlett O'Hara's waistline...

OTOH, I do have people in my life who love me, doggies who adore me, a roof over my head, and more. I guess it's just a matter of paying attention to the positives instead of feeling like half your life is over, and what the hell have you done with it. See, there I got again. I'll stop being a marshwiggle, I promise. My sister is throwing a barbecue for me tonight, and good eats are always a simple way to cheer this girl up. TTYL, all :)



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