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Monday, July 17, 2006

Existential Crisis

 Send chocolate.


Blogger Katja said...

I will bring you tons of Fazer-chocolate when I'll get there. Just hang in there !
Fazerin sinistä, Fazerin punaista, Fazerin Mariannea ja miljoona kiloa salmiakkia...

July 18, 2006 12:42 AM  
Blogger Mark A. said...

Nothing to be done.

July 18, 2006 1:33 AM  
Blogger Istanbultaye said...

looks like katja has you covered in the fall(?). here have some virtual chocolate to get you through.

July 18, 2006 10:39 AM  
Blogger madelineanne said...

I wish I had chocolate to send. But you can console yourself with tonight being Project RUnway and our upcoming visit with Austin Scarlett!!!!
I'm getting ready to send you another email about the A.S. meeting and headshots!
Love you!

July 19, 2006 12:51 PM  
Blogger bart said...

i'd love to, but it's all melted... even the chocolate biscuits in the kitchen are almost fluid, if you know what i mean :P

July 19, 2006 2:45 PM  
Blogger Mark A. said...

I'm totally disappointed that no one got my "Waiting for Godot" reference.

(mopes off in a depressed, existential funk while mumbling nonsense to an absent Lucky)

July 20, 2006 12:07 AM  
Blogger Anniina said...

Aww, I got it, but I only just NOW got internet access back. more to follow.

July 20, 2006 12:48 AM  
Blogger Istanbultaye said...

i'm sorry mark. i think i've seen it once and thought is was funny, but haven't seen it again. and that was back in high school, so i don't remember much of anything about it.

July 20, 2006 5:37 PM  

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