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Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Synchronicity Principle

Lo and behold! As soon as I finished posting, I went upstairs and checked my little green house of a mouse trap, which has found a permanent place underneath my stove (where the cookie sheets, etc. are stored). What should I find, but a little tail-and-whiskers! Poor fellow had been there for a long time, and was ready to follow his fellows to the field. As customary, I left him the cracker to eat, so he didn't have to go hungry until he figured out a new domicile.

Another coincidence was that I visited the blog of Bitch Ph.D. for the first time tonight, and devoured several entries with plans for a present return. Her latest entry concerned "The Tale of Despereaux", a wonderful children's novel about a very brave little mouse who falls in love with a princess - I had only just bought it and read it and received another copy for Christmas.

My life, for some reason, seems to have 'Mouse' written all over it today. Fa-mouse, Anony-mouse, enor-mouse! I'm starting to sound like Monty Python here, sans the sparkling wit. Well, if anyone has a book or cards that mention anything on animal totems, drop me a line and tell me what all these mouse-signs mean, would ya?



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