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Thursday, March 30, 2006

"Firefly" Kind of Day

Hehehe, that last post was like... "Bitter much?" Sorry about that.

On the positive front, today was a beautiful day, warm and sunny, and when I got home I had a surprise waiting for me — my friend David from El Paso sent me a presie, for no reason at all, except that he is SUPER sweet! And the best kind of present too: the entire season of "Firefly" in a 4 DVD set!

For those of you who are wondering why I keep jabbering on about "Firefly" and its follow-up movie, "Serenity", you just have to see them for yourself to know why I'm so crazy about them.

Basically, "Firefly" was a sci-fi television show about a ragtag crew of misfits in a junky spaceship at the far edges of civilized space 500 years from now. A fascinating mixture of space, cowboy, pirate movie, comedy, and drama, with brilliant writing and enjoyable actors, it's sort of like the story of what Han Solo might have been before Star Wars.  Or what the last several Star Treks should have been like, except they didn't have the luminous Josh Whedon as creator. It doesn't hurt that the captain and crew are on not-so-friendly terms with the Alliance of Planets that wants all of the 'verse to conform to norm.... Those of us who are on the side of the underdog and the dissenter can appreciate that.

"Firefly", the show, was cancelled after one season, but its loyal fans, who call themselves 'Browncoats' (after the Independents who fought against the Alliance) kept the hope alive. They believed, as the captain of Serenity, Malcolm Reynolds, that the Independents' side "maybe have been the losing one — I'm still not convinced it was the wrong one."   Joss Whedon fought tooth and nail and finally got "Serenity", the movie, made.   It just proves what 'Captain Universe' in "Serenity", the movie, says: "They can't stop the signal, Mal. They can never stop the signal."

"Serenity" has gone to gross a huge amount of money, far beyond anyone's wildest dreams, and the sales of both movie and tv show DVDs is phenomenal. This is the 'little show that could.'

So if you haven't seen these yet, do it. You will not be disappointed.

David, thank you for the DVDs. I love you too :)


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