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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Zombified Ramblings

Okay, so still a zombie — lines coming along well for both MacB and Proof. Not enough sleep.

Feeling a little melancholy today.  Nothing major, just so many things adding up.

1. No word on Mark Rylance's future projects.  Getting worried.  Was so hoping to go to London this summer and revel.

2. Finished "The Return of Nightfall" — sequel to "The Legend of Nightfall" by Mickey Zucker Reichert.  The original is a book I consider one of the best fantasy books written.  The sequel was good, although did not achieve the luminosity of the original.  I don't have much time to read right now, as you can imagine, but I like to read a little before bed, and a good book ending is like a friend leaving; bittersweet.

3. Looks like I might not be making the vampire film after all.  The production was originally supposed to be Jan-Feb, which I had clear — now that it's been pushed to April, I doubt it will work. I'm booked every day except Fridays, and once MacB opens, even Fridays will be out.  Oh well, their loss for futzing and klutzing with the production dates. Would have liked to have played the lizard queen though (;_;)

4. Cold, windy weather. Always affects me. I'm too comfort-loving, and can't take the chill. Okay, I can take it, just don't wanna.

5. Missing my family. Missing my best friend Katja so much it hurts.

6. The muse has not visited. Haven't written a thing in a few weeks. Alarming. Miss her. Come back, you ornery wench!

7. I've fallen head-over-heels for "Firefly"/"Serenity", and it jars me that the show was cancelled. Hollywood studio execs are big poopheads.

8. Corr and I have had a rift but there seems no fixing it at the moment, since I think he's avoiding me.

Just one of those days. I'm sure the excessive tiredness is aggravating the situation.

Loving my play rehearsals though. Feels so good to be working on worthwhile projects. I wish I had the money to do a second season for CSC.  Dying to direct more Shakespeare. So many crap productions out here, and now that Dominic Dromgoole is murdering the Globe, the world is in dire need for unadulterated, unslaughtered Shakespeare. Would love to direct Hamlet or Lear.

Alright, yeah, I'm a zombie and I'm whining over inconsequential matters, coming off as a total twerp. Forgive me. Going to bed. I promise a cheery post one of these days. Until then, take good care. Thinking of you.


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