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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sonnetsday 19 - Love's Cruelty

Ahh, I do believe it is time to inflict my own sonnets again on the unsuspecting public.

Parmigianino. Cupid Carving his Bow, 1532-34.

Love's Cruelty

And stop your cruel tricks, uncaring Love!
     Or strike me down and bring me to my knees,
     Or give me firm assurance from above,
And thus by yea or nay grant my heart ease.

By toying with my soul thou dost me wrong,
     E'er swaying between love and abject hate;
     Let me but know if with thee I belong,
Or elsewhere if my heart should seek a mate.

Now blowing cold, now burning with desire,
     Boy Love, thou hast my spirit torn in twain;
     Ne'er knowing if I'm met with ice or fire,
One day, I fear, I'm like to go insane.

     Make up thy mind and grant me joy or shame,
     But give me peace and cease thy careless game.

(AJ, 2-2006)

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Blogger Istanbultaye said...

reminds me a bit of the song that goes, "Love, you didn't do right by me." ^.^

July 31, 2006 12:02 AM  
Blogger Riykere said...

I never understood poetry and such too much lol. Or atleast not many kinds of it. Ahh well, I'm a simple man lol. Btw, I do actually have another post up on my blog now. I didnt really have too much to right about, but figured I should put something up so told of my adventures on my camping trip i went on about 2 weeks ago. Well, take care of yourself. Btw how goes the basement cleaning? Need ya back on the game at some point ;) Ttyl ^^ -vanishes-

July 31, 2006 1:18 AM  

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