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Friday, July 28, 2006

TGIF - Thank God It's Firefly Day 8

Firefly Banner
And again we come to my favorite: Firefly. My parents have now watched almost all of the 4 DVDs, and they love it, too! Those of you who haven't seen it because you're balking at the $$ for a box set of a show you don't know you'll like... here's an alternative. IPod iTunes is selling them per episode — so spend $2 and order the pilot episode, "Serenity." Not too much of a risk at that price, eh?

For all my fellow Browncoats, here are this week's links:

  • Operation Sequel is under way. "The Signal" has addresses for a letter-writing campaign. I'm doing mine next week.

  • The Signal Podcast Episode 13 is now available

  • A new song & video, A Man Named Jayne — not to be confused with the original, yet still hi-LARIOUS, with "Firefly" and "Simpsons" clips, etc.

  • The documentary Done the Impossible is now finished and shipping!

  • White Powdered Doughnuts has a new Adam Baldwin Interview.

  • Serenity will screen at Edinborough Film Festival on August 14 as part of the 59-year celebrations. The original showing of Serenity was the fastest sell-out ever in EFF history.

  • California Browncoats raised $10k+ at Comic-Con, and are running eBay charity auctions with Firefly signed scripts, etc. SQUEEEEEEE!

  • Last, but not least, RECIPES for "Fresh Bao", "Mudder's Milk", "Kaylee's Cake", etc. Gor-RAM!

And for a final goodie, Serenity trailer done entirely in LEGOs!:

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