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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Eighteenth Century Literature

It's KILLING me. Apart from a few authors (I've always had a soft spot for Daniel Defoe, for example), I have a deep distaste for the Augustan Age authors. I'm working on the "Eightlit" section of Luminarium, and taking little pleasure in it. Lemme tell ya: after the Restoration, English literature went down the tubes for a long, long time. I can't wait to have this section finished. Next, planning on doing an Early Modern Women Writers section, and another for Middle English Drama. Much more my speed.



Blogger SzélsőFa said...

I have checked Luminarium, wondered through the Medieval pages for a while...
What a big collection! Keep up doing the great job - sometimes there are chores we'd rather avoid, but at the end, the reward for completing the task makes it worthwhile.

November 15, 2006 8:20 AM  
Blogger Anniina said...

This is very true! Thanks for the encouragement :)

November 15, 2006 8:38 AM  
Blogger mark said...

Downhill? That's so depressing. I always reread John Wilmot when I get down on the Restoration. Anyone who dedicates a poem to a dildo can't be all bad.

November 15, 2006 10:41 AM  
Blogger Katja said...

Things were just as bad as I expected them to be at work :( I've been trying to do 100 things at the same time, sending gazillion e-mails to airlines, doing tickets that my co-workers didn't know how to do... It is insane !!! Well, I kind of knew, that I'm invaluable.

November 15, 2006 12:20 PM  
Blogger Anniina said...

No no no Mark, I said "after the Restoration" - Wilmot, Behn, Montague are still superb... and Wilmot has always gotten a lot of hype for his subject matter and personality, and I think even removed from those he is a superlative poet. It's when we get to the eighteenth-century proper Addison/Steele/Goldsmith/Grabbe dudes that I get bored out of my wits. Gah!

November 15, 2006 7:14 PM  
Blogger mark said...

You're right. I read the description wrong. I'm an idiot.

The Tattler and Spectator were boring beyond belief, although Pepys was pretty entertaining.

November 16, 2006 12:37 AM  

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