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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Luciano Pavarotti Dies at Age 71. Farewell.

Luciano Pavarotti passed away this morning at 5 am Modena time at age 71. He had been suffering with pancreatic cancer for a long time and had been ailing for the past months. Pavarotti had an illustrious opera career, the majority of his colleagues recognizing him as a technical genius. This news filled me with sadness. Here is an aria by Pavarotti from Donizetti's "L'elisir d'amore" (Elixir of Love), with lyrics in Italian and in translation.

Plot: Nemorino has fallen in love with Adina, a girl from a wealthy family, who will have not pay any heed to a poor young man. He spends all of his money on a love potion which is, in reality, nothing but cheap wine. Nemorino believes that the elixir will work, and when he sees her tears, he knows at last that she loves him in return.

Una furtiva lágrima

Una furtiva lágrima
Negl'occhi suoi spuntò:
Quelle festose giovani
Invidiar sembrò.
Che piu cercando io vo?
Che piu cercando io vo?
M'ama, si m'ama, lo vedo, lo vedo.
Un solo istante i palpiti
Del suo bel cor sentir!
I miei sospir, confondere
Per poco a' suoi sospir!
I palpiti, i palpiti sentir,
Confondere i miei co' suoi sospir
Cielo, si può morir!
Di più non chiedo, non chiedo.
Ah! Cielo, si può, si può morir,
Di più non chiedo, non chiedo.
Si può morir, si può morir d'amor.
 A Secret Tear

One secret tear
From her eyes has sprung:
It seemed to envy
Those happy youths.
I need to seek no further,
I need to seek no further!
She loves me, yes, she loves me, I see it, I see it!
For a single moment, to feel
The beating of her sweet heart!
My sighs mingling
For a while with her sighs!
To feel the heartbeats,
To mingle my sighs with hers,
Heaven, that I could die!
I ask for nothing more, nothing more.
Oh! Heaven, if I could, if I could die,
I'd ask for nothing more, nothing more.
If I could die, if I could die of love.

(translation by A. Jokinen)

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Blogger SzélsőFa said...

sad news... thanks for remembering him here..

September 07, 2007 3:06 AM  
Blogger Riykere said...

Italian sounds much cooler than English. I dont think the song would have sounded nearly as good in English, even if I would have been able to listen and understand it.

This is indeed an awkward post to get caught up in, but none the less... -Moment of silence-

Just wanted to say Happy B-day, sorry I missed it! I'll tell the others, I'm sure you will get some late birthday wishes from them. That is if I can find Shinjo off running around w/ his gf and college friends, haha. Diak is always easy to track down though. Anyway, I hope you enjoy your friend visiting :) And I hope things are still going well.. I swear I'ma track ya down sometime so we can chat it up for a bit at least, but doing so is the tricky part. Anyway, hope to talk to you soon, and Happy Birthday. :)

September 09, 2007 6:09 PM  

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