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Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Infamous Hysterical Termagant, Heo Cwaeth

I did get some sleep. Thanks to those who wrote letters filled with worry. However, Noo-noo (aka Ariel) needed to go outside at 4am, and try as I might, I could not fall back to sleep. Instead, I spent a most entertaining morning browsing blogs by wonderful kindred spirits out in the mogosphere. Links to those Blogs are on the sidebar.

One posting in particular had me laughing so loudly that I woke up Boo (aka Wilbur) who, alarmed that the roof was falling, ran around the living room in panic until he realized it was just mommy choking with glee.

In Defense of Bitterness by Heo Cweath (Old English for "She Said")

Here is a brilliant, witty woman, who is making the world a better place by a) existing and b) sharing the revelations of that existence with whoever alights on her pages. Bravo, you hysterical termagant!



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