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Sunday, February 19, 2006

To MacB or not to MacB? that is the Question

I'm back from the callback — he had 3 Lady M's and 3 MacB's.  I can only evaluate the MacB's, since I read with them, but they were closed auditions so I didn't get to see any of my competition read.  I thought I was brilliant — within my own capacity, that is, where I am on my journey, I could not have done better.

If I were the one casting the show, I would see MacB as the lynchpin character who gets cast first, and around whom the rest of the cast must be built. Thus, it depends entirely on who makes the best match with the MacB he is casting.  Oh, let it be me!  I'm finally ready for this role — and of course one cannot be entirely unbiased, but looking at it as objectively as is possible, I think I could be a kickass Lady M.

I'm exhausted — an hour drive to the theatre, three hours of having to be "on", and an hour back is enough to sap the life out of one. I think I'm gonna play a little FFXI just to chill, then it is bedtime.  And thanks for the good vibes, Madeline, Andy, and Nance, and my gents from FFXI — I certainly felt them.

Nigh nigh, A

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