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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Macbeth Closes

And tonight 'Macbeth' had its closing performance.  I am equal parts relieved and saddened.  Relieved, because my schedule has been beyond hectic, and it will be nice to regain a small measure of sanity (although "Proof" will now go in full force), saddened because I will miss my beloved Lady Macbeth, and the wonderful group of girls with whom we had so much fun.  Yet, this is exactly what an actor's life is about — changes.  After each show closes, there is a short (sometimes longer) mourning period, and then we let go, and move on to other projects.  I do hope there will be something special beyond the horizon.


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Blogger The Lion Sleeps Tonight said...

Bravo, my lady. Bravo.

April 16, 2006 9:02 AM  
Blogger madelineanne said...

It was a wonderful performance love! ANd I can't wait to see Proof!!!

April 16, 2006 1:31 PM  

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