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Monday, June 05, 2006

Vampire in a Potato Sack

Talked to the costumer today.  2 layers of chiffon — picture cutting a whole in a black sheet, and you got it.  Fucking lazy costumers.


Which brings me to the subject of Crazy Costumers.  We were lucky on "Proof" — usually it's a race of psychotic gnomes bent on destroying everything in their path.  I finally costumed myself for McB, the costumer was... well... Here's a little dittie I composed to her at the time:

          Costumer chick, you are on crack;
          Pro you are none, you're barely a hack!
          I, too, would have to be on smack
          To put that outfit on my back.

This was when she suggested Lady Macbeth wear a $2 red polyester mini-dress that barely covered "the waterline"....  Miami prostitutes wouldn't have been caught dead in that.  Her idea of what the director meant when he said he thought the Queen of Scotland should be sexy.   Ouch.

So anyway.  Sucks.  I wanted to be a powerful, sexy vampire, not a hag in a black mumu.  Dammit. (>.<)

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