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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Think Pink...... NOT!

Alrighty, here's the follow up to my hair-raising adventure.

I got the color, and thank goodness, hair is now sexy instead of just downright freaky. I had the audition, which was solid, but not... inspired. So we'll see if I get a callback.

I did get to have french fries with my "Macbeth" director afterwards (he was just helping run the audition, he's not directing or casting this show himself), so that was good, and to see some familiar faces, which was also good, considering I've been in hiding from the theatre world for the past half year. Hiding in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, which has been good for the soul and the brain, but it was time to enter the world again.

In the happy happy news, Madeline is coming over for Christmas!! Yay!! Awesome!! We're going to bake cookies and go see "Charlotte's Web," and very possibly "Eragon". Fantasy and kidlit movies are also good for the soul! Yay!

Where is everyone, by the way. Are y'all just lurking, or have you deserted me entire?

Here's the trailer for "Charlotte's Web" - I like Dakota Fanning's line, "He can't help being born small," and of course, my Booboo's name is Wilbur (although he wasn't named after this piglet, but still). Also, how funny is Steve Buscemi as the rat. Tee hee!



Blogger Katja said...

Go check my blog, I just added a pic of my bestest cheese-friend ever :)

December 16, 2006 2:42 AM  

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