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Friday, May 04, 2007

The Latest

Hello Lovebugs,

I'm sorry that I have spent so little time posting on this blog or on your respective blogs. I will be better about that. I've been devilishly busy, so just a quick recap.

1. The Wars of the Roses. Still under construction, but most of the main articles are in place. I'm especially proud of the very simple "Causes of the Wars of the Roses." Have to figure out a good layout for the WoR site and have several genealogical trees yet to piece out. It's been super-satisfying work, because there are few periods of English History more fascinating.

Also started work on The Hundred Years' War. It's been all blood and battles. The whole of the experience has been like playing "Six degrees of Edward III." The only thing is that each encyclopedia entry opens up at least 6 more new entries, and it all expands exponentially. If anyone wants to contribute biographies or historical entries, let me know— certainly enough to go around. I counted I've done 107 encyclopedia entries in the past 3 weeks. No wonder I'm feeling a bit loopy. To clarify, I did not write most of them myself, but typed them from 19th-century books. Still, finding them, typing them, formatting them, and adding about 300 new images took a bit of time.

I also made several genealogical charts. The organization for those alone made my head feel like exploding. They were really into recycling first names, and everyone was named Edward, Edmund, Richard, Thomas, or Henry, and the daughters were invariably Margaret, Isabella, and Phillippa. The articles also mostly refer to people by their titles, say "Gloucester" or "York", and it's up to me to figure out whom that meant in a given year. Say, for example "The Earl of March" — there were several of them within a few years (sometimes months) as the previous Earls kept getting killed or executed. Did I mention, 80% of them were named Edmund? Or the 5 million Henry Percy's?

2. Translating
I've been very fortunate and had lots of work. It's a big brain-drain, leaving me little desire to write and/or create after. Just did a B-movie, which was SO bad... (low-budget teenage horror pic), but also sooo much fun.

3. Gardening
With the extremely wet and strange winter we had, weeds are out of control. I've been yanking out ragweed (Pujo), dandelions (voikukka), strawberries, and lots of goodness-knows-whats, but the yard is still not in "Better Homes and Gardens" shape. I did manage to get a few pansies, and I planted them, and that certainly happified me. Here's my piccy.

With all that going on, I haven't had much time for anything else, but I need to take a bit of time just for chilling, having worked 15 hrs a day for the past two weeks. The weather is gorgeous, so I might get my pale Finnish behind outside and read a book or something. Also, movies. Need to watch more movies. And I promise to visit your blogs and see what you guys have been up to while I disappeared into Hermit World.


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Blogger SzélsőFa said...

that's been quite a work, Anniina.
Today, I also did some gardening and your flowers are lovely.

May 05, 2007 1:13 PM  
Blogger onlyjokinglasse said...

Nice flowers!

May 11, 2007 5:17 PM  

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