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Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Yeah I'm still kicking around. I've just been a mixture of busy, lazy, and under the weather. This week I have a lot of fun social obligations, so might not blog much either.

Translating has been a hoot, if you consider fixing unbelievably idiotic mistakes fun. I did a QC for a translation done by someone else, and I had to email my boss saying I would understand if someone didn't know a particular American idiom, but that this person doesn't seem to know Finnish either! Grammar, punctuation, spelling; all willy-nilly. A bit frustrating. It would have been quicker for me to translate the last movie from scratch.

I did get something productive done, which was cleaning my closet. I took a hard look at clothes that I never wore, which didn't fit me, or... *gasp* were no longer age appropriate (damn age!) and sorted everything into keep, give away, eBay, toss. Some of the better items are going on eBay next week, and good thing too, since eBay has 33% off listing fees. Started taking pics of the items today.

In hair color news (admit it, you've all been dying for that — sorry, can't resist a bad pun) I'm going to be blonde again as of Friday. If my vanity and self-critical tendencies don't hinder me, I might post a pic.

Haven't seen Elizabeth: The Golden Age yet. If anyone says a word about it, I'll tell you the ending of every book you haven't read yet, as well as what happens in Season 3 of Dr. Who (which, by the way, is bloody brilliant!).

Well, I'm off to bed. Sorry for my long absence.

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