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Monday, February 04, 2008

An Impression

       From the sky
       Or to it

I fall
       Or into


(AJ, 4 Feb 2008)


Sunday, February 03, 2008

Moved Beyond Words

I often get asked about my name. Italians claim "Annina" as theirs, meaning "little Anna", from Anna (Anne), the mother of Virgin Mary. Russians also claim the name on similar grounds. I was named after a song from an old B & W Finnish movie. In the film, the hero rows his gondola in Venice to his beloved, Annina. The song is by now an old standard. My friend Petri Bäckström, who is a well-known Tenor in Finland (and abroad), sent me a link today, telling me to listen to his sound sample. Without warning, his voice washed over me with the song, "Annina". It is fifteen minutes later and I am still shaking. I mean not just emotionally shaken, I mean physically shaking as if possessed by an illness.

Musiikki: Oskar Merikanto
Sanoitus: Daniel Fallström

Annina, viel' valvotko kulta Annina?
Tulen luoksesi venhollain,
Tulen luoksesi venhollain.

Ei taloista välky nyt tulta,
Canalezza se loistavi vain,
se vain.

Annina, mä hiljalleen soudan, Annina,
Niin kevyt on aironi tää,
Niin kevyt on aironi tää.

Vaikk' äitisi valvois,
sun noudan
Hän venhett' ei kuule, ei nää,
ei nää.

Annina, mun kyyhkyni pieni, Annina,
Piazzan kaunein sä liet,
Piazzan kaunein sä liet.

Sun luoksesi suuntaan mä tieni,
Käy luokse, niin huoleni viet,
niin viet.
Music: Oskar Merikanto
Lyrics: Daniel Fallström

Annina, are you still awake, Annina?
I'm sailing my boat to you,
I'm sailing my boat to you.

No lights are now shining from houses,
The canals alone are alight,

Annina, I'm quietly rowing, Annina,
My paddle, so light it feels,
My paddle, so light it feels.

Though your mother were waiting,
I'll fetch you,
My boat she'll nor hear nor see,
nor see.

Annina, oh my little dove, Annina,
Most beauteous of the piazza, maybe,
Most beauteous of the piazza, maybe.

Towards you I pilot my course,
Come, and take my cares away,

You can visit Petri's page at:


Petri: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


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