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Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Fly in the Dog Bowl

A fly in the dog bowl — poor thing!
          Drowning is not a fate
          To be wished, even on a fly.
I lean down to take the bowl
          When he winks at me and,
          Smiling widely,
Does the butterfly,
          The backstroke,
                    And even the dog paddle!
Perhaps this sly charmer
          Is in training
          For the Buglympics!
I pour the water into the flower
          On the back porch —
With great dignity,
          My new, wingèd friend
          Climbs on a stalk
And towels himself off on a petunia leaf.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

First Poem in Austin

The neighbor's rooster
        hootles and crows,
        and it is nearly noon.
Fancy that! A rooster!
        in this day and age,
        in this urban suburban place!
I cannot help but wonder if
        he got the bird
        just so he could say
To his less fortunate friends,
        over beers
        (and leers):
"Just look at my indomitable cock!"

(AJ 11/08)

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