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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday Chatting

I know, how awful am I to promise better attention to the blog, then disappear again for two weeks, right? Life has just been very busy and chaotic for a while.

Spring is suddenly here full force — it has been around 75°F all week, and the birds, who so plagued me last spring with their cacophony, are back. For some reason, they don't stop me from sleeping this year. Could it be I have grown old and deaf? Or perhaps it is because I've been sleeping like a log — a train could run over me and I wouldn't know it.

I lost a few rose bushes and one tree over the winter, and I have 5 roses outside waiting to be planted. I'm telling myself I'll get it done tomorrow. Knowing me, however, it is only 50/50 likelihood. Procrastinators unite... tomorrow! The garden also needs raking, mulching, clipping and you name it. As much as I tout that I love gardening, I doubt I'd be very opposed to having a gardener who would come and do all the grunt labor, leaving me with the fluffier aspects of tending a garden.

Workwise, I'm also busy — I haven't had any translating for a few weeks (which is just as well), but I've had a few websites to do and Luminarium of course is a jealous mistress. Sometimes the task seems so daunting that I have to take a break entirely. One human life doesn't seem long enough to get everything done that I'd like. So if anyone has an interest in Medieval/Renaissance English literature and/or history and wants to volunteer, drop me a line :D Also hiring houseboy, cook, and laundryboy. All interested parties are requested to apply in person, tehee!

Well, that's it for right now — running to a dinner and a movie.

*mwah* A


Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fool's Day!

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