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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Quiz: Which Literature Classic Are You?

I spent a leisurely Saturday puttering around the house in my pajamas drinking coffee and eating girl scout cookies (I have 4 boxes on my kitchen table, each alluring and seductive).   I played on the computer, watched TV, read, and generally just luxuriated in doing nothing productive — pretty good for a Type A, huh?

After watching an old episode of BBC's 'Coupling' (Ep.I.4 - where Susan finds Steve's videotape of "Lesbian Spank Inferno") and a dramatic living room redo on HGTV (Hi, my name is Anniina, and I'm addicted to home makeover shows), I thought I'd check out the blogosphere before bed.  I found quite a lot to think about, and some very fun things as well.  My favorite find tonight was at the blog of UrbanMuse.  She linked to a quiz (I love quizzes!) at Quizilla, entitled "Which Literature Classic Are You?"  Here's what I got:

J.R.R. Tolkien: Lord of the Rings.

You are entertaining and imaginative, creating whole new worlds around yourself. Well loved, you have a whole league of imitators, none of which is quite as profound as you are. Stories and songs give a spark of joy in the middle of your eternal battle with the forces of evil.

Now — anyone who knows me a bit can guess how much this delighted me!  Well, go on and see what you get, and don't forget to come back and post a comment to let me know.  And, forgive me, but now I have to sign off so I can go "battle with the forces of evil."



Blogger Katja said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

January 29, 2006 4:12 AM  
Blogger Katja said...

Oscar Wilde: The Portrait of Dorian Gray. You are a horror novel from the world of dandies, rich pretty boys, art and aesthetics, and intellectual debates between ethical people and decadent pleasure-seekers. You value beauty and pleasure but realize their dangers, as well.

Hmmm, a horror novel........ great.....

January 29, 2006 4:13 AM  
Blogger Anniina said...

Hahah - Never figured you to have sold yourself to the devil for good looks and earthly pleasures! I'd say you're more like Malory's "Morte D'Arthur" or "Robin Hood" - mixed with a bit of "Tank Girl" and "Wonderwoman" :)

January 29, 2006 4:31 AM  
Blogger Patt said...

Anniina.Hi its patt.nice to see you visited my blogg .as you may or may not know i draw toons of my visitors and as you are one of the loveliest bloggers to date.Would you like a toon.You would be joining a select few who have been imortalised forever in Pattoons.

January 29, 2006 4:42 AM  
Blogger Anniina said...

Patt, thank you for saying that and for your kind offer, I would be honored and delighted! I loved your site. I'm gonna include it in the next post - the Elvis pictures alone were priceless! :)

January 29, 2006 4:50 AM  
Blogger Mark A. said...

I couldn't even answer question one.

Perhaps I'm simply too much a product of a traditional literary education, but I'm reading each statement and thinking, "Huh, spontaneous overflowing of Wordsworth for me thanks" and then "Oh, that second one reminds me I should go back and reread Milton's "On Christian Doctrine," "Paradise Lost," and, oh yeah, Spenser's "Faerie Queen."

Then, "Crap, I'm supposed to be doing the quiz what's my next choice? Hmmm, objective truth...hey I should look at the Plato’s allegory of the cave again because...damn, doing it again...what's the next one? Battle the oligarchy? Who am I, Tom Joad?"

And it goes on and on and on, and before I know it I've spent an hour looking at and then past those statements and never having checked on box.

January 30, 2006 4:45 PM  
Blogger Anniina said...

Hehehe Mark you crack me up! And you do bring up a good point! A few of my friends said the quiz had WAY too many options, and that they couldn't even get through it because it gave them anxiety :) Ahh, the ever-working minds! So nice to know I'm not alone in this world - how we all have our stress triggers! Love your comments, love your site, let's keep this up!! ~A

January 30, 2006 11:23 PM  

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