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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Proof is in the Pudding

Yes, I know, I'm tired, so the subject line is forced-witty.  The proverb does crop up in the play, so I guess it works.  "The play" is David Auburn's Proof, for which I got cast tonight as Claire, the sister.  Amazing theatre space that seats 1700 and reportedly gets 300 audience members 'on a bad night', it is an old vaudeville theatre from the 'teens, complete with 1920's frescos on the walls, gilding, you name it.  I get to work with a superb ensemble, interesting director, and I get paid — what's not to be excited about!

I also got Lady M.  I know!  The first rehearsal is set for Sunday — between the two, I'll be rehearsing 6 days a week: 12 hrs on Saturdays and 14 on Sundays, with Fridays off. I'm gonna lose my few remaining marbles no doubt, so bear with me.

I realized that I was so zombified on Sunday that we skipped a Sonnetsday, but I'm sure Will can wait.  I want to share instead a pair of Japanese poems from a gorgeous collection that I got for $5 at B&N yesterday.  Called Oriental Love Poems (Michelle Lovric, ed.  Andrews McMeel Pub, 2003) the book has selections of both Chinese and Japanese poems.  The book is also a work of art — there are origami and art throughout.  A little gem of a book.

 A Verse Sent to Lady Ishikawa

While I stood waiting for my dear,
        I was wetted with the dew
Dripping down from the mountain trees;
        Yes, wetted with the dew.

Prince Otsu, 663-87, Japan

Lady Ishikawa's Answer
to the Above Verse

Would that I could become
        The dewdrops from the mountain tree
With which you grew so wet
        waiting for me.

More tomorrow.  Going to bed.  Been a heck of a week and I think I'm coming down with a cold as well.  Tomorrow on the menu, some Photoshop magic and a tale about my friends on Final Fantasy XI Online.

Ciao! ~A


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