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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words: Modern Renaissance 6 ran another Photoshop contest in which modern celebrities had to find their way into Renaissance paintings, entitled "Modern Renaissance 6."  I submitted 3 pictures, and while I didn't win the contest [insert childish fit involving thrashing on the floor with screams of  "UNFAIR!!"], all three paintings became Jury Selections, and I got a gold star for each *brag*. Here they are, much miniaturized — click on each to see the full versions.

Cate Blanchett in Luini's Salome with the head of John the Baptist
Cate Blanchett as Bernardino Luini's Salome

Owen Wilson as Van Dyck's Duke of Richmond
Owen Wilson as Van Dyck's Duke of Richmond

Viggo as Napoleon
Viggo Mortensen as Napoleon Bonaparte

The hardest thing about making these is trying to get the skin tones and colors to match and look like painting, instead of photograph, getting the shadows right (involves a lot of handpainting), and getting the texture to look identical between photograph and painting, so that you can't tell where the original and added materials merge. I'm wicked proud of my oeuvre :P

Oh, and to decrypt the previous post on the subject, Viggo is for Madeline, who is a "professional crazed fan" of his; Owen is for Katja, who is going to marry him and move to Texas, provided that his rumored wedding to an English Supermodel doesn't come to pass; and Cate is for me, since I'm firmly decided to come back as her in my next life. Mwahahaha.

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Blogger Riykere said...

Hey, cool pictures. I thought the Viggo Mortensen as Napoleon Bonaparte one looked the best in my opinion. I liked the picture and the way it looked better then the others, but they all seemed to be done well ^^

August 02, 2006 1:20 AM  
Blogger Anniina said...

Thanks, babes! I think that's the best of the three, too - and it placed higher than the other two as well.

August 02, 2006 3:01 AM  
Blogger Mark A. said...

I concur. Viggo is awesome.

And I suck. I'm a bad blog buddy. I've had so much going on I haven't yet finished my masterpiece. (Emphasis on piece).

I'll get it done though...promise.

I did experience the Digg effect tonight. My story on Colbert found its way over to Digg, and in about an hour I'd had over three hundred viewers. I was terrified my server was gonna sink. Truthfully, I still am.

Anyway, let me repeat that I suck, and I'll have my photoshop answer in due time.

August 02, 2006 3:02 AM  
Blogger Riykere said...

Hey, I was wondering if you would be able to help me with some questions on how to do a few things on my blog. It's really too much to post on here and didnt want to take up alot of space, but wanted to let you know I would be sending you an e-mail with my questions if ya wouldnt mind helpin ;) Ttyl ^^ thanks. Btw, will be sending to your one.

August 02, 2006 7:41 PM  

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