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Saturday, December 23, 2006

No Christmas without John Denver

Every Christmas I miss John Denver, and say a little prayer for him. He has been inextricably tied to my family's Christmas since I was very very little. I was indeed so little, I don't remember John Denver: A Christmas with the Muppets, which was probably shown in Finland some years after it aired in the US. However, my parents managed to find the LP of the music, and every Christmas we'd play it—we knew it by heart, especially Miss Piggy's parts.

In the eighties, John Denver and Placido Domingo took part in the Julie Andrews Christmas in Salzburg, and John Denver sang the most beautiful version of What child is this? I have ever heard. This show we had on video tape, and we'd put it to play in the background while we were making cookies, or Christmas foods.

So, for me, there is no Christmas without John Denver. Some lovely soul has put up some clips from the Muppets Christmas — and I get to enjoy them, even though I'm far from my home and my family this Christmas. I hope everyone has a very special Christmas, wherever they are.

12 Days of Christmas with the Muppets

Alfie, the Little Christmas Tree - Denver's poem

What child is this? John Denver, Placido Domingo, Julie Andrews

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